Sisonke Msimang on Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, stanning and the trap of #blackgirlmagic
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Sisonke Msimang has written an astute piece for Africa is a Country about Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, literary celebrity, mainstream feminist ideas and LGBTI communities across the diaspora.

Msimang’s memoir and first book, Always Another Country, will be published by Jonathan Ball Publishers in October 2017.

Both her comments and her clarifications were offensive. Yet “celebrities” wander into territory they aren’t equipped to navigate all the time, and in so doing they grossly oversimplify and flatten and demean the experiences of the people on whose behalf they claim to speak. So, in a sense, one might suggest her misstep was not such a big deal.

The difference is of course that Adichie is not Angelina Jolie. She has staked her reputation on substance and heft and thoughtfulness. Yet the disappointment amongst members of LGBTI and feminist communities I spoke with after Adichie’s comments were published, went deeper than that and it is important to examine that disappointment and what it speaks to.

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