Good with puzzles? Win £10,000 by cracking the code in a new series of books
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Self-published author D N Carter is offering £10,000 to any reader that can crack the hidden codes in his new historical fiction series Outremer.

Carter, who is a researcher working across history and archaeology, told The Bookseller: “I haven’t written the book for profit or fame, I’d just like to share the knowledge and information I’ve uncovered in my research. The cash prize is a guaranteed way to generate interest. I want people to try and crack the code, but it won’t be easy. The money will encourage people to look closely at the codes and clues in the text and hopefully it will generate interest in history and antiquities.”

In addition, around 10 percent of the books’ sales will go into the prize fund.

Carter says it’s “possible” that someone could crack the code after reading book one, but they will need to read all four books to complete the puzzle.

The first book in the series, Outremer: Who Controls The Past Controls The Future, will be published on 9 May by Clink Street Publishing.

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